Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Service

We love providing regularly scheduled cleaning service to our Evergreen clients!

We think this is the best way to get the most out of our house cleaning service.


Because it can REALLY save you tons of time. That’s because you only need to take care...

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Deep cleaning service

So what exactly is a deep cleaning service?

Like a lot of what we do here at Superstar House Cleaning, we leave a lot of it up to our clients! That means you get a custom clean just for you.

But in general our deep cleaning service really helps you get ahead of the game...

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Move out / Move in Cleaning Service

It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlord looking to turn over your property or a tenant doing your best to get 100% of your deposit back, our move out cleaning service can save you time, hassle and maybe even money!

For landlords, your focus should be on findi...

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What makes our cleaning so special?

We think Superstar House Cleaning is not only the best cleaning service in Evergreen but we believe we’re one of the best in the state!

And one day..the world!

Okay maybe we aren’t working on world domination but we do have a big mission: that is to make ...

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How to prepare your home for house cleaning!

You might be thinking...wait a second, I have to prepare my home for house cleaning?

I thought the whole point was that you’d clean it and save me time!

Well, you’re right about that, it is the whole point but we still need a little help making su...

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Looking for more tips from your local Evergreen cleaning pros?

We got 'em!

Here are 4 tips for deep cleaning your living room to make it look amazing.

Step#1: Wash Light Fixtures

Begin the cleaning process by turning off the lights in your living room. Soak all the removable hardware incl...

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Top 5 Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

We wanted to share some quick tips from your local pros!

Cleaning your kitchen can be a daunting assignment. However, if you break up the tasks into manageable sections, you are sure to complete tasks much faster. Of course, you’ll need the right cleaning ...

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When is the last time you really enjoyed your weekend?

If you’re anything like most folks, instead of taking it easy over the weekend you’re probably running around trying to get errands and chores done. In other words, doing just about anything besides relaxing.

You’re also probably cleanin...

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We want to take a second to talk about one of our absolute favorite parks in beautiful Evergreen, CO!

But why would a house cleaning website talk about a park…?

Because, we want to remind you of the last time you had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors that surround us!


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About us

At Superstar House Cleaning, we can't wait to help you enjoy a cleaner home, save time and really just relax a little bit more!

There's no doubt that we're going through some stressful times right now and the last thing we need is more chores, right? 

So instead of struggling to get all the cleaning done, pick up the phone and call your local Evergreen house cleaning pros! 

Here's what we offer: 

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning
We can clean on a schedule that makes sense for you and your family. 

While most Evergreen residents find that bi-weekly cleaning works best for them (that's two times a month) others find that once a week is best for them. 

But we can also clean once a month if that's what works best for you! 

Not only that, but we do our absolute best to keep our schedule flexible so we can work around YOUR needs.  

After all, it should be easy to hire a house cleaning team!

Deep Cleaning Service
We suggest that most clients start off with a deep cleaning service but other clients prefer just get a deep cleaning every few months. 

This allows them to stay completely caught up with cleaning! It's also a great way to give some extra attention to particular area of your home! 

Move Out or Move In Cleaning
If you're moving out or moving in you already have enough to do. 

Packing and unpacking is a full time job on it's own... the last thing you have time to do is clean, right!?

Or maybe you're a property owner who's wants to get your new tenant in ASAP. 

Either way, we can help. 

Our move out or move in clean is similar to a deep clean but with a few special add-ons that you can request. 

Just let us know what you need when you call! 

Commonly Asked Questions
Have questions about our house cleaning service? 

We've got answers!

Do You Use My Cleaning Supplies? 
Only if you ask us to! We always come completely prepared with everything we need to get the job done. 

But we do have some clients that prefer for us to use their special supplies and we're happy to comply. 

Just let us know when you schedule or give the team a heads up when they arrive. 

Can You Clean When I'm Not Home? 
While we generally suggest that you're home for the first cleaning so you can let us know about any special requests, you're never required to be home when we clean. 

Just make sure we have a reliable and safe way to get into your home!

What's Your Service Area? 
Our primary service area is (of course) Evergreen. But we also provide service to nearby areas like: 

-Indian Hills
-Aspen Park

If you live near the Evergreen area just give us a call and there's a good chance we can get you on the schedule ASAP. 

What Don't You Do? 
That's a good question!

We can't clean carpets or do any kind of major exterior cleaning. 

We also can't do any heavy lifting or moving in order to clean. 

How Long Will The Cleaning Take? 
We can't say for sure without learning more about your home and what you need done!

We can tell you that we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service!

About Evergreen, Colorado!
We absolutely love Evergreen! Not only do we have absolutely amazing natural beauty, there's also a rich history to Evergreen!

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