Posted on Sep 24, 2020

Superstar House Cleaning

We want to take a second to talk about one of our absolute favorite parks in beautiful Evergreen, CO!

But why would a house cleaning website talk about a park…?

Because, we want to remind you of the last time you had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors that surround us!

We’re so lucky to live in Evergreen but if we don’t get out and enjoy the it worth it?

We think you should stop spending time cleaning your home and instead free up time to do what you really want to do- like enjoy Dedisse Park on Upper Bear Creek Rd.

This huge (we’re talking 420 acre) park has a golf course, lakehouse, picnic areas and hiking trails.

But that doesn’t mean it’s all people.

If you read the reviews, you’ll see plenty of folks who have seen moose and other animals. They’ve also taken some great pictures! You can see them here:

What’s great about this Dedisse Park is it’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors without having to plan out an entire hike. That also means it’s great for the full family since all ages and skill levels can handle many of the paved paths.

So when is the last time you got to enjoy the beauty of a place like Dedisse Park?

Instead of cleaning your home and trying to keep up with the constant mess, let Superstar House Cleaning of Evergreen handle it so you have time to enjoy our beautiful city!
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