Posted on Sep 24, 2020

Superstar House Cleaning

How to prepare your home for house cleaning!

You might be thinking...wait a second, I have to prepare my home for house cleaning?

I thought the whole point was that you’d clean it and save me time!

Well, you’re right about that, it is the whole point but we still need a little help making sure you get the best possible experience. We’ve put together a few tips for you to get the most out of the cleaning experience.

First, consider being home the first time we clean. We know, it takes extra time but it’s a great chance to speak directly to the Superstar House Cleaning team and let us know exactly how you want your home to be cleaned.

Consider some of the following questions:

-Is there a special area you want to target?
-Is there an area you’d rather clean yourself?
-Anything special about your home that we need to know?

Next, you’ll want to do some minor decluttering. Of course we’re ready to do the work and clean your home but that fact is we don’t know where everything goes! So take a few minutes to clear off counters, tables and similar locations so we can focus on making them look amazing!

Finally, make sure pets are safe and secure. We’re absolutely dog friend (some might say dog crazy!) but pets aren’t always excited to see us running around in your home.

We can’t wait to meet you and your family!
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