Posted on Sep 24, 2020

Superstar House Cleaning

Deep cleaning service

So what exactly is a deep cleaning service?

Like a lot of what we do here at Superstar House Cleaning, we leave a lot of it up to our clients! That means you get a custom clean just for you.

But in general our deep cleaning service really helps you get ahead of the game (so to speak) but getting a great cleaning on areas that might get overlooked at times.

That includes areas like:

-Corners of the room
-Door handles
-Light switches
-Dusting behind small objects (think photos on the mantle)
-Extra attention paid to high traffic spots like stairs and doorways

We recommend that most of our clients start with a deep cleaning if you haven’t had your home professional cleaned recently. That helps us get all caught up and keep your home clean with our regular bi-weekly service!

But deep cleaning is also a great option for clients that enjoy cleaning their home and just want a little help getting ahead! Many folks in Evergreen like to get their home deep cleaned a couple times a year or even quarterly just to make sure no area of their home ever gets too dirty.

Deep can also mean detailed so don’t think your home has to be “dirty” to get a deep cleaning. Many times it just means we want to give your home the extra detail that it needs to look it’s absolute best!

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